Fight food waste as a charitable courier

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Volunteer with The Felix Project and help save food from the bin, whilst also keeping those in need fed.

Every year in the UK, 10 million tonnes of food ends up in landfill. This is a difficult number to quantify, but it’s equivalent to around 12.5 billion loaves of bread (which is equally difficult to quantify). This is all while there are 8.4 million people in the UK who are struggling to afford to eat. The Felix Project is on a mission to help fix both of those massive issues, but they need your help.

Using electric vans donated to them by Renault, The Felix Project volunteers follow specific routes around London, collecting food from cafes and supermarkets before delivering it to charities and schools in need. This clever concept means that the sarnies and pastries from Coco Di Mama or Pure that would’ve previously ended up in the bin, are rehomed with a homeless shelter or a community youth club.

I’ve been volunteering with The Felix Project as a driver for the last six months and the satisfaction that you feel when you hand over trays full of healthy and delicious food to vulnerable people is immense. But from a purely selfish perspective, it’s really easy and actually quite fun. You can book evening shifts as either a driver, co-driver (they also have a walking/cycling route) and then pick up the vans from one of their sneaky locations all across town. Perhaps the most convenient volunteering opportunity currently available…

If you’re keen to for help tackle food waste, but are in the mood for something a little more indulgent, The Felix Project have just partnered with world-renowned chef, Adam Handling, on his latest London project, Ugly Butterfly. The new restaurant opened this week on the King’s Road, aiming to prove that ‘zero waste food can be beautiful’. Adam and the team will be donating 2.5% of their revenue from the restaurant directly to The Felix Project to help fund the important work they’re doing and allow them to expand their operations.

Handling will focus on using the four most-wasted ingredients: bread, milk, eggs & bananas


Drive or co-pilot a van and help deliver neglected food to those most in need.


Drink champagne and eat sustainable fine dining cooking at Ugly Butterfly



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