To make giving to good causes more

impactful, inspiring and rewarding.


The concept is pretty simple: we figure people would give more and help more if they were exposed to the real needs of others and the opportunities available. Here at ChangePage, we feel that the way we're exposed to charitable organisations nowadays is not conducive to giving - there's an overload of content that feels distant from our daily lives, making us wonder… what’s my little contribution even good for? Not only that, but we're turned off by the fact we have no idea where our money is even going (call us selfish...).


So we thought: humans are fundamentally good, and if given the chance they are going to want to do good. We’re here to facilitate that with a hub that connects people with the charities and social enterprises around them, so doing good becomes unambiguous, hands-on, effective, fun.

This is ChangePage. 



ChangePage researches to find the most impactful charities and lets you know how much they need. Our community can then support by each donating a small amount in order to make a big difference. We like to call this 'communal giving'.

We then provide feedback to tell the positive stories that are being written - making you feel even better about your gifts.



ChangePage will be the go-to place to find volunteering opportunities for a social organisation in need. Whether that's a sponsored bike ride, tending to a community garden or offering digital marketing support.


By harnessing the power of an inspired community, we can really make a difference...



ChangePage will highlight all of the epic places to shop, eat, drink etc that have a social purpose, meaning you can finally feel good about your spending.


The simple act of spending can make a huge positive difference if done with a little intention. That's why we're building a community of conscious consumers.

But we need your help...

ChangePage is nothing without a community of loyal members who support us and our partners. The strength of this concept lies in the impact that a tribe of change makers can have when joined together. That's why we're asking you to join us; subscribe, donate, volunteer, message us, give us a follow, treat yourself to a coffee from a social enterprise cafe.  A little goes a long way and we really appreciate your help. Thanks.


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